Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest

Local Attractions

Crowne Plaza Bucharest is a refined hotel in the North part of the city, in a very peaceful area.

Book your stay at Crowne Plaza Bucharest and embark on an unforgettable adventure in Bucharest, the vibrant, colorful city that tells incredible stories. Discover the tourist trails in Bucharest and see our famous buildings, parks and boulevards such as Arcul de Triumf, Muzeul Satului, Parcul Herastrau, Palatul Parlamentului, Calea Victoriei, Fântânile arteziene from Piața Unirii, Centrul Vechi and much more.

Old City Center

The old center of Bucharest is a lively blend of history, local culture and lifestyle, offering many opportunities for entertainment at any time of day.

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Palace of Parliament

The building has a surface of 365.000 sqm and holds the 1st position in the Guinness World Records for the largest administrative building (for civil use), and the 3rd place in the world from the volume point of view. It is the heaviest and most expensive building in the world.

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Herastrau Park

The King Michael I Park or Herastrau Park is considered the most spectacular in Bucharest and it’s only five minutes walking distance from our hotel.

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