Fitness & group classes

Did you know that partaking in sport and physical activities everyday helps you maintain good health, improve your muscular tone and reshape your body? To maintain this level of health and good shape, we advise you to include an hour of physical exercises, yoga, bodyart or hydro gym classes or an hour of swimming in your daily routine

Most of us are very caught up in the daily routines and living a sedentary life,  both at work and in our free time. In the long term, these situations can affect our health and mental balance. That is why it is important to have healthy habits, through which you can maintain and improve your well-being. The good news is that it's never too late to start. You can start with small steps, doing age-appropriate exercises at your own pace.

Physical exercise is not only about keeping your body healthy, but it is also about overcoming boundaries, increasing self-confidence and training your mind to benefit from clarity, focus and achieving goals. Physical activity stimulates you to successfully face the life challenges and to move forward with your head held high.




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